Know before you go

What is the Vacay?

Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.

ā€” Dalai Lama.

Human beings have been traveling around the world since the beginning. Traveling opens our minds and educate us about other cultures, languages, places, and even other food. Most people like the idea of traveling and vacationing, but almost no one enjoys the planning, the scheduling, and all of the research it takes to find the best places and the best deals.

My family and I travel a lot, and The Vacay is a project I created to help us and all of the families and solo travelers out the travel and the vacay more enjoyable while finding way to save money along the way.

Are you traveling soon?

If you also love to travel but wish there was an easier way to get the info you need or connect all of the dots needed to go from point a to point b, please leave your email below so we can reach out to you when we have something to show you. Please also let us know or ask us any questions you might have about this using the form below. Cheers.

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I code, take photographs, travel, and advocate for diversity and inclusion.

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